According to State Law, all portable fire extinguishers and fire suppression systems must be maintained. This maintenance includes annual inspections for portable fire extinguishers and semiannual inspections for fire suppression systems. All stored pressure extinguishers must also be internally inspected and maintenance at 6 year intervals, and proof pressure tested at appropriate intervals. These requirements are under the direction of NFPA 10 which is incorporated by reference into chapter 4A-21.

The Division of State Fire marshal Office Uniform fire Safety Rules and Standards Chapter 4A-21 maintains that for a business to engage in portable fire extinguisher and pre-engineered system maintenance, they must do so in conformance with Florida Statutes Chapter 633. “Each organization engaging in such activities must be possessed of a valid and subsisting license issued by the State Fire Marshal.” 4A-21 further states that “Licensed fire equipment dealers are required to install, inspect, maintain, or recharge portable Fire Extinguishers in accordance with NFPA 10…”

“Fire extinguishers shall be subjected to maintenance not more than 1 year apart…” Each fire extinguisher shall have a tag or level securely attached that indicates the month and year the maintenance was performed and that identifies the person performing the service.”

“Every 6 years, stored pressure fire extinguishers…shall be emptied and subjected to …” “…a thorough examination of the three basic elements of a fire extinguisher:
a) Mechanical Parts,
b) Extinguishing Agent and
c) Expelling Means.”

“At intervals not exceeding…Carbon Dioxide – 5 years, Dry Chemical – 12 years…fire extinguishers shall be hydrostatically tested.” In addition, cylinders bearing a DOT marking must be tested to the requirements of the DOT only by a qualified DOT retesting facility.

“Fire equipment dealers shall be licensed” and “every permitte must have a valid and subsisting permit upon his person at all times while engaging in the servicing… of fire extinguishers…” “The violation of any provision of this law, or any order or rule of the State Fire Marshal…shall constitute a misdemeanor of the second degree..”

In order to satisfy State Fire Marshal requirements and ensure the highest levels of life safety, it is important to keep all fire equipment in compliance with the regulations of the State of Florida.

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